internet service provider bnh drive


Tired of carrying around that USB flash drive? Storage as a Service is your companion, relax and let our cloud drive do all the heavy lifting with unlimited secured storage in our state of the art data center you never have to delete an important file again. In addition our storage servers are hosted locally so leave behind worries about slow overseas backups to dropbox and google drive. We will build an exclusive point to point link between your office and our data center ensuring low latency storage access times. Need 5G, 10GB, 100GB or a whole Terabyte... we have you have covered.

internet service provider ip cctv


Monitor your branches, storage facilities or warehouse from anywhere in the world with the peace of mind that only BNH CCTV can bring you. Plus with our per camera pricing it has never been cheaper to have 24/7 fulltime surveillance of all your assests.

internet service provider cloud computing

Cloud Computing & Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

Don't waste valuable company resources purchasing servers, managing an IT team just to have a company Email, Web or Database server. Focus on your core competency and let us worry on how to run a data center. Our dedicated team of experts keeps our servers running optimal hence allowing your business seemless access to critical backend systems, instantly scale up or down your computing needs based on changing business climates. Whether you need an Email, Web or Storage Server... MySQL, Oracle or SQL Server Database we have it. Need a Virtual Private Server (VPS) running;

 Windows Server 2012

let us make it happen.

dual internet service provider

Dual Internet Link Solution

Never be offline again, BNH Communications has you covered with a dual internet uplink solution, choose your secondary internet provider and we will provide and configure your router so that it automatically fails over to your backup ISP when it detects outage on your primary link. Need more flexibilty? don't waste resources on an unused backup link, we can also configure your router to load balance your traffic between your redundant internet service providers, if either link drops traffic is automatically routed to your active provider.

internet service provider network design

Outsourced network design and provisioning

Not only will we deliver capacity to your new office, we will design, build and manage your entire network so that you have a world class IT environment. Don't let your business be crimpled down by poorly designed networks let our seasoned experts build it for you.

internet service provider video conferencing

Enterprise VOIP and Video Conferencing Solutions

Save on your mobile bills by connecting all your branches to an integrated VOIP system, save on travel expenses and collaborate more effectively by using a video conferencing solution, with either lease or purchase plans we have flexible plans that elimate high upfront costs and reduce the total cost of ownership.